Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Looking for your vote

I live in the small town of Brighton. I came here in 1975 to teach at the High School. Although I have moved around to various other schoold during my career, Brighton has always been my home and I consider East Northumberland Secondary School my home school.
This year some very civic minded people at the high school and in the community have launched a fundraising effort to build a new Track and Field facility on the high school grounds but for use by the entire community.
They have entered the Kraft Challenge and we are one of 20 communities in the running for a $25,000 prize. This would go a long way towards the new facility, especially since the town will match it making it $50,000!
All I need from you is a vote (or numerous votes, apparently you can do that) from noon on July 22 till noon on July 23.
Here is the link...
Scroll down and click on vote here. It will take you to another site where the actual voting takes place. You cannot actually vote for Brighton until July 22 but the other entrants are interesting and worth a look.
The school has always had a strong presence in the track and field area.... just ask any of the neighbouring high school track or cross country teams...ENSS dominates...due to the tireless efforts of track coach Tim Larry, John Ward (retired) and many others. We used to have a Fall Harrier, just for fun every September. After Terry Fox died it was turned into the Terry Fox Run and the school and community has raised thousands and thousands of dollars for Cancer research through the run. I remember Tim and I organizing one of the early ones which raised $7000...we could not believe it and were going to recount the money! The Head Secretary stopped that nonsense and sent us home. That year Betty Fox herself came to the school to accept the cheque for the foundation...there was not a dry eye in the gym!
Anyway, if ever a school and community needed and deserved a new track facility , this is it.

Please help on July they early and vote often for Brighton's bid in the Kraft challenge.


Mary said...

Please remind us the day before we can vote or the day of the vote in case we forget. I have the mind of a sieve these days and even if I write it down or put alarms on my computer, the sieve takes those in too.

It sounds like a really great cause!!

Mary said...

Oh, I forgot to add Thanks in advance for the reminder if you get a chance to send one via your blog.

Beatrice said...

Will do for sure..I'm marking it on my calendar but a reminder will help!!!