Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bib and stocking

I finally got back to some stitching this week. This is my progress on the Christmas stocking. It is coming along well but oh! the backstitching!!! On Tuesday our young friends Shawn and Susanna welcomed their son into the world. Shawn and Dan frequently work together...and as you may guess Shawn is a carpenter/builder....hence the theme of his son's bib.


Lynn said...

Lovely work on the stocking Ann! The backstitching alone would be enough to put me off. I've looked at these stockings many times and just can't bring myself to start one. I know it would never get finished!
Congratulations to your friends on their son's arrival. I'm sure they will love that bib. It's so cute!

riona said...

The stocking is lovely ... and the effort put into all that back-stitching is well worth it. But I know how you feel! As soon as I finish my current BAP [TW's Autumn Faerie}, I will start work on TW's Woodland Angel stocking for my grandson. I doubt it will be done in time for Christmas 2010 ... more likely 2011.

The bib is adorable.

Sylvia said...

Ann, That is a lovely stocking. Just remember the back stitching is what brings a piece to life. The bib is very cute.