Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some finishes

This is Marie Paule's Three Kings (Imaginating) finished and framed. She stitched it for her aunt who is 90 yoears old. This is the Band Sampler version of Siam Fusion (Sampler Cove). The line on the right side is glare or something because it is not on the real picture. I did most of the work on this one in Florida in February...alas not sitting out by pool the house!

This is my Stained Glass Landscape (Kappie Originals) which I love. It took a long time to stitch and unfortunately the flash in the picture does not add to its beauty but when I look at it in person the flash glare is not there!

And this is what I finished today! One of the stockings from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts. This is for my great nephew William. His mother did not like the toe of the original pattern so we did a bit of cutting and pasting and came up with this. When I finally got the barn and Noah's Ark done I knew there was no way I could place the little stitched animals all around in an artistic manner. Therefore, I figured if she wanted to mess with the chart, I could too and added buttons instead of little quarter stitched animals! I am not unhappy with the result, although they are also not scattered about in an artistic manner!
Now I have to keep mum about the fact that I have finished this in case my brother who is stitching one for this child's brother ( his other grandson) thinks it would be good for me to finish it for him!!


Lynn said...

Such beautiful works! I love the colours in Siam Fusion.
You've certainly had a busy stitchy summer!

Cathy said...

Congratulations on all of your finishes. I love the stain glass window. I would love to do a stocking but the idea of finishing it into a stocking scares me.

Beatrice said...

They all look lovely!

Kalena's Corner said...

Hi there, I am the new owner of Kappie Originals Redeux llc. I am still new at learning all of this but I will do my best if there are any patterns you would like or for me to look for that you might like. My e-mail is, my cell phone is 405-338-5012 Karen Laznik, my husbands Terry Laznik is 405-743-7825 and our office phone is 405-385-0900.