Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nan's finish

Nan just finished this Mirabilia for her second great grand daughter. Gorgeous or what?
On Sunday, I was stitching and visiting with friends when I realized that there had been a little too much visiting and not enough counting. So the stitching I did that afternoon was counter stitched immediately and my memory keeper is going to go away for awhile.
It is time to move on to another project and give this one a rest. It is very large and I believe I need a break from it. To that end I went back to my Toile pillow which even with yesterday's stitching is not looking very toile-like. A picture will be forthcoming in my next blog entry.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

More great finishes

Of course they are not my finishes but I am delighted to be able to showcase the beautiful finishes of my frineds.
We have a Judie and a Judy in your stitching group...these first two framed pieces were stitched by Judie. Her teapot is for her own kitchen. This beautiful Lanate is for her grandson who recently got married on a beach in the DR.

Our other Judy is also a quilter as you can see from the fabulous way she finished her Jeanneatte Douglas "My Stitching album" pages...

And of course there is Barb who was featured in my previous post. This week she brought this Sue Coleman Butterfly to share. It is for her husband who chose the pattern.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thursday and Friday stitchers

Not having anything photographed of my own stitching I am happy to share some other people's achievements. Barb spent most of the winter in Myrtle Beach and as you can see she was not idle. Here she is with Courtney Collection's "Alpha Bleu" (en rouge). It looks great!
Sharon is modelling her new sweater which Fran just embroidered for her. My friends are very loyal to my shop as you can see. She plans to wear it to the Cataraqui Guild's Needle Arts Fair in Kingston on May 1. If anyone will be in tha area that day and wishes to attend, let me know and I can send you all the information. It is a great chance to see the beautiful work the Guild members do while attending a merchant fair and getting lunch as well...all for the princely sum of $7.00! A bargain!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mrs Waddelow

Ellen Chester of "With My Needle" designed this delightful "Huswif" and here is my interpretation of it. I used 30ct R & R Reproduction linen and Weeks Dye Works thread - Bordeaux. The fabrics came from a local quilt shop.
Diana sewed it together for me and did a beautiful job.
I sent these pictures to Ellen and she posted them on her blog... check it out
Makes me feel famous!!!

Lucie came by the shop on Thursday with two selections of fat quarters one in dark greens, oranges and yellows and one in dark blues, and purples... she is going to have a gorgeous "Huswif" regardless of which colourway she goes with. I will post pictures of the stitch-along as we go. I have a feeling that we will produce some incredible "huswifs" ? "huswives"?

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Start

You may remember in a previous post I mentioned that there were two patterns I got in Nashville that I really liked. One was Mrs Waddelow's Huswif from "With my Needle" and the other is this one from "The Workbasket"
This is my start on Memory Keeper. As you can see I am departing dramatically from the suggested colours.
I have completed the stitching on the Huswif and have shipped it off to a friend who sews to put it together for me...sorry Fran...I just do not want to sew it myself! I tend to run amok when I am doing anything other than zigzagging the edges of my fabric with my sewing machine.