Friday, April 1, 2011

Its a hard life...

We are still in Florida with its sunshine and hot weather. The days have been great but we have had a couple of bad nights with lots of lightning and thunder. Unfortunately our Mollie is not a fan of thunder so we have had a couple of sleepless nights, last night being the most recent one. I guess we will just have to have a lazy day to make up for it...okay a lazier day than ususal if that is possible.

Here are some examples of our lazy days...
The dogs have not taken to the pool which is Okay I guess but odd since they will jump into any lake or river they come upon, including muddy puddles and wallow in them!

And lest you think I have done nothing but sit around, rest assured that my sitting around has been productive. I have become a little obsessed with Alpine Seasons.


Anonymous said...

I have been wataching the weather in Florida and was wondering how you were coping. Tornados, etc. forecast. Certainly looks like you are enjoying yourselves. Love the look on Paddy's face in the pool. Your stitching is really coming along beautifully.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Ann & Dan enjoy your well deserved time off! Alpine looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann and Dan. I heard you were in Florida and I hope you are enjoying every minute. The weather in Carleton Place was good this weekend but we are suppose to get 2-4 cm of snow over night and freezing rain to start Mon AM. The kids are hoping for a snow day in Apirl! Just wanted to say HI.

Beatrice said...

Florida looks wonderful..Glad you are enjoying some down time!
Alpine is beautiful1!
I love the socks!
The pieces from judie is so cute!