Thursday, April 14, 2011

A visitor

These pictures are not too clear...(the world's worst photographer strikes again) but they do show our evening visitor. We were astonished to have this young bobcat come to partake of the food we put out for the armadillo and the raccoon! Another reason for the slighly out of focus pics is that I stayed well behind the screen of the lanai! Our neighbours were unimpressed by the visit because apparently this young cat is seen frequently around the area but he/she is the first bobcat I have ever seen outside of a zoo and to have one so close was an event for us.

We are continuing to enjoy the sunshine and hot weather. I am stitching on "The Birdkeeper" and expect to have her finished in the next few days. I have also finish finished two socks, complete with toe grafting. Of course when grafting one of them I ended up with no stitches on the bottom needle and three left on the top one. I don't believe that is supposed to happen!


Anonymous said...

Wow - how cool was that!!! Did the dogs see it? When are you heading home? I am leaving for Edmonton on Wednesday and return on the 27th. Have a safe trip home.

Lynn said...

Wow, that's one thing I have never seen on my trips south. Glad you stayed put on the lanai!

Franny said...

I have never seen a bobcat either, wow you were very lucky. Hope the weather is still warm there, its been quite cold here.

Carolien said...

Wow, you live in an exotic spot on earth! Never see animals like that at our place ...sometimes Fietje plays a dramatic lioness but she still doesn't convince me.

Hugs, Carolien