Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gold Magazine

Remember these cute little 3-D houses that were featured in Cross stitch Gold Magazine before Christmas? Well I really liked them and I expect showed them off here in my blog when I finished stitching them. I also, uncharacteristically, sent a letter to the magazine indicating how much I enjoyed them. And...lo and behold, my letter was published in the most recent issue!!!
I'm famous!

On a completely different note... those 5" hoops from Germany which hold your fabric extremely taut are now in. They are pricey little devils (at $20) but people who use them say they are fabulous. I mention this here because while I was sure I ordered only one package of 10, they sent me 2 packages of 10. I guess this way no one will be disappointed that she cannot get one.


Lynn said...

Those houses are adorable Ann!!
Nice that they took the time to publish your note to them too.

Karen said...

I love your little houses! That's really great that your letter was published too. :)

Cindy's Stitching said...

I love them. A lot of love goes into pieces like that. You did an amazing job.

Carolien said...

Hello Ann,

How nice your houses and you are famous now! ;) No surprise since they are so cute ...

Have a nice day! Hugs, Carolien