Sunday, May 8, 2011

Morning courting...

This male turkey put on quite a display for Dan and me this morning. I suspect that the performance was really for the female turkey seen in the next picture and not the two turkeys watching and taking pictures from the living room!

Before this turns into a wldlife blog, I had better get back to the stitching part of it. Yesterday at Friday stitching Cheryl brought along her work from the weeks I was in Florida and unable to see her progress. Have a look at her beautiful work...Letters from Nora E and N ... Christmas presents for her grand daughter and sister.

And this Sue Coleman wolf for her son!

Beautiful work Cheryl!


Lynn said...

Cheryl has some great finishes! I really like that wolf!
I just about ran down a wild turkey on my way to work this morning. Darn thing flew in for a landing right in front of me!

Carolien said...

Lovely stitches & have a nice day!

Hugs, Carolien

Amy said...

Love the turkey pictures.

That wolf is really neat. Great projects.