Wednesday, September 14, 2011


What a productive morning...not only did I clean! but while doing so I managed to pick up some finitiative and this is the result...
Fran sent me a great link for grafting socks. I followed the directions and viola...I have two pairs of finish finished socks. Fran or Clare..did the grafting on the first one of each pair ages ago and I did the second sock of each pair this morning. Fran and Clare will be very proud of me!!!
This is the link Fran sent me.

Before I got carried away with the grafting though I got out some ornaments and did some finishing...yes there are 8 more days of Christmas  but I ran out of cording so I will be asking Sharon to bring her corder to Friday stitching to make more. I will then add thread hangers on them and will have 12 new ornaments. Yes I know I stitched these guys about two years see that finitiative really works!

I also put together the ornament I made for our November exchange but I will not be showing it until then.
And if that isn't enough I finished two bibs in the last three days. They will be unveiled  next week after I have given them to the proud Grandma and Mom...did I mention it was twins???


Lynn said...

I've got to get me some of that Finitiative! I've got a drawer full of stitched pieces just waiting for a finish.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on mastering the kitchener stitch. Great job on the sock. I remember those ornaments, they are very pretty.

Carolien said...

Wow, I would almost wish it would be winter when seeing these lovely socks. Enjoy!
The ornaments are great too.

Love, Carolien