Tuesday, September 20, 2011


People have frequently commented about how fortunate we are in this area to have such a wonderful group of stitchers with whom to share our hobby/passtime/passion/cult. They are correct of course and today I want ot mention one particular friend who also feels that way. Anita gave me this touching gift on Sunday when we were together at a gathering of dedicated stitchers/knitters/quilters.
I have it hanging in my stitching room where stichers are found on Thursdays and Fridays and many other days as well!
Thank You Anita!!! I love it.

A gift from Anita
Where stitchers meet
Friends are found
With needles and floss
Hearts are bound

At the same gathering on Sunday I gave out a couple of gifts of my own to Grandma Wendy. Last June we had a Granny shower for Wendy to celebrate the impending arrival of her twin gransons and her granddaughter. I gave her an IOU  for a bib with each child's name on it...so here they are Jack and Luc's bibs. As you can see Carrie, their proud Mom has a bit of a wild animal theme going on so I adorned the bibs with appropriate jungle motifs. Wendy's other daughter is expecting her daughter  in about three weeks so when she arrives she too will get a name bib.


Lynn said...

Anita's gift is so sweet and the wording in it is so true! We really are so fortunate to have such great stitching buddies.
Those bibs are adorable! I'm sure Wendy and Carrie will be thrilled with them.

Carolien said...

What a lovely gift and the words are very true indeed!
The bibs are very nice too.

Hugs, Carolien