Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ironing beer bottles

Dan asked me why the iron was out on Tuesday reply...I was ironing neer bottles and here they are...all ironed. They are currently at the framer. They and a beer calendar are my present for Christmas to my step-son David. I think he and his friends will have fun picking out their favourites and guessing which beer is which. Tracy from Ink Cirlces who designed this fun piece thoughtfully provided a two page list of which is where!

I have had a very productive morning. I briefly considered going back to bed when Dan left at 7 am  but decided to get busy instead. It snowed overnight and there must have been a fair bit of freezing rain as well, since the trees were coated with gorgeous icy  crystals. No doubt the roads were too,  so I chose to stay in today and bake.
Yes you read correctly...I baked a whole batch of my Mother's white sugar cookies AND made a batch of chocolate fudge. I am astonished to say that both forays into  baking world turned out beautifully. I don't think I have had a batch of fudge turn out so perfectly in  many years. Of course the fact that I do this only once a year  for Christmas, and due to my broken finger I didn't do any baking at all last year...the whole business is something for me to be proud of!
My brothers, who don't know how to make Mom's cookies,  will be pleased at our family Christmas celebration next week and so will the grandkids when we have Christmas there on Christmas Day. 
Alas stitching ladies...all this good stuff goes to family and since everything turned out the way it should have, I have packed the recipes back in the recipe box till next year. I can't jinx myself by trying another batch of anything! (Now that sounds more like me doesn't it)
Oh yeah...I vacuumed too!   I am sure I'll be back to normal soon though.


Kathy A. said...

Where is Ann??? What have you done with her?? I leave town and she is baking and vaccuuming. Please return her ASAP as I miss her.

Erica said...

Love your beer bottles!

Lynn said...

Fabulous finish! I'm thinking I should do this one for my youngest. When he lived closer he was part of a beer tasting club at a local restaurant. Wonder how many he would recognize?

Beatrice said...

Congrats on the great finish..that is wonderful..What a wonderful gift!!!