Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Alas I have no pictures for this post but you can see photos of our retreat on Dani's blog, on Beatrice's blog  and on Bonnie's blog.
They were the ones taking pictures and they are all hands down better photographers than I am.  (Better get some retreat pics on there Bonnie!) I think Beatrice will also have some on her facebook page.

We had a lovely time and got lots of stitching done. I stitched  11 beer bottles. This afternoon, now that the bathrooms are clean, the house is vacuumed  (we have anew vacuum cleaner so it wasn't as onerous a task as usual, but I still hate vacuuming) and my Christmas baking is started I am going to tackle the next 11. So far I have 66 of the 99 done. Pictures will be along this week...I promise!

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Bonnie Brown said...

I plan on putting them up tonight :) I had a board meeting last night