Tuesday, September 20, 2011


People have frequently commented about how fortunate we are in this area to have such a wonderful group of stitchers with whom to share our hobby/passtime/passion/cult. They are correct of course and today I want ot mention one particular friend who also feels that way. Anita gave me this touching gift on Sunday when we were together at a gathering of dedicated stitchers/knitters/quilters.
I have it hanging in my stitching room where stichers are found on Thursdays and Fridays and many other days as well!
Thank You Anita!!! I love it.

A gift from Anita
Where stitchers meet
Friends are found
With needles and floss
Hearts are bound

At the same gathering on Sunday I gave out a couple of gifts of my own to Grandma Wendy. Last June we had a Granny shower for Wendy to celebrate the impending arrival of her twin gransons and her granddaughter. I gave her an IOU  for a bib with each child's name on it...so here they are Jack and Luc's bibs. As you can see Carrie, their proud Mom has a bit of a wild animal theme going on so I adorned the bibs with appropriate jungle motifs. Wendy's other daughter is expecting her daughter  in about three weeks so when she arrives she too will get a name bib.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


What a productive morning...not only did I clean! but while doing so I managed to pick up some finitiative and this is the result...
Fran sent me a great link for grafting socks. I followed the directions and viola...I have two pairs of finish finished socks. Fran or Clare..did the grafting on the first one of each pair ages ago and I did the second sock of each pair this morning. Fran and Clare will be very proud of me!!!
This is the link Fran sent me.


Before I got carried away with the grafting though I got out some ornaments and did some finishing...yes there are 8 more days of Christmas  but I ran out of cording so I will be asking Sharon to bring her corder to Friday stitching to make more. I will then add thread hangers on them and will have 12 new ornaments. Yes I know I stitched these guys about two years ago....you see that finitiative really works!

I also put together the ornament I made for our November exchange but I will not be showing it until then.
And if that isn't enough I finished two bibs in the last three days. They will be unveiled  next week after I have given them to the proud Grandma and Mom...did I mention it was twins???

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bon Echo Provincial Park

This is such  a beautiful Provincial Park. We had 5 days of camping and enjoying nature. We did a lot of walking and  the dogs went swimming frequently...of course the first order of business today was a bath for each of them!
We tired ourselves out walking the trails. No stitching got done but I do have a sock which I will show off at  a later time.
Mollie and Paddy after a swim and a roll in the dirt

Paddy got very dirty

The view from at the back of our campsite

Lower Mazinaw Lake

Upper Mazinaw Lake and the famous Bon Echo cliff

Another shot of Lower Mazinaw Lake

Friday, September 9, 2011

Will this work???

OK.. Blogger did not like my old browser so I updated my browser from Explorer 7 to Explorer 8 and now it is working again.. so tomorrow I  will post some photos of our little camping trip  to Bon Echo and two very dirty  white dogs...they do love to swim and roll in the dirt!
I did no stitching but I did knit a sock!

Friday, September 2, 2011


It would appear my blog is having problems...so I am just trying to see if a new post will help.