Monday, June 18, 2012


This is what we found when we looked out today. That little building under the tree is our garden shed.

 And these are the ornaments for my 4 little great nieces for Christmas. The red ones are over one on 25 ct lugana and the white ones are over one on 32 count linen. I have until Decemebr to find some finishitive. The design is called "Sweet Bouquet" by JBW designs.


Lianne said...

Having come home to something similiar, I think I can understand what you and Dan might be feeling. It is not nice to have trees come down and certainly not on your garden shed!

Beatrice said...

Oh no what a mess. I'm glad it missed the house.
The ornaments are very pretty.

Lynn said...

That is definitely not something I'd want to wake up and find! Looks like you have some work ahead of you. I hope it didn't damage the shed. Did you have a storm to cause it?

Your ornaments are so pretty and I look forward to seeing how you finish them.

Lana said...

Love your ornaments! So beautiful!! Bad tree! Bad! LOL