Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Friday stitchers and progress pictures

This "Quaker Bird" is a free standing soft sculpture designed by The Primitive Jewel and stitched by Anita.
Isn't it cool?

This is the beginning of a piece being stitched by Cheryl also of the Friday stitchers. I took a photo of of it for a couple of reasons. The stitching is exquisite, I sold her the pattern and I intended to tell everyone the name of it and the designer but now I don't remember  who it's by. I'll find out on Friday and post the info. She is working on 40 count and doesn't it look fantastic?
This beauty visited us a few Sunday's ago. He is a Scarlet Tanager, according to my bird book

My progress on "Inspiration" from Rosewood Manor. It is pretty slow going as it is on 40 count linen.

Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow is also progressing very slowly but I am happy with the results so far.

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Bonnie Brown said...

That bird is very neat!
Your WIP's are coming along great!