Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Winter Quakers


Spring Quakers was so popular that many stitchers will be happy to see that Karen Kubla of Rosewood Manor has released Winter Quakers as well. I had a couple of the kits after Nashville but they sold out very quickly so now I have more in if anyone is in need!!

My own stitching is progressing very slowly but the next job on the list is to take some photos of  the pitiful amount I have done so that I can  have some pictures on my blog entries in the next couple of weeks (she said optimistically) since Dan will be gone to Florida with my camera.

Speaking of lists...I can hardly wait for this new kit to arrive from Lizzie Kate. I'll  be  stitching on  it on the day it gets here!

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Anonymous said...

Save me one of those LK kits. I Ned to read it many times a day