Friday, September 20, 2013


There  are numerous changes happening  in our lives these days.  Here is one of them...I have a new floor in the shop and it looks great.  Since the place was  in disarray anyway I took the opportunity to do a bit of re-arranging. Now all the  Weeks, Carries, Crescent Colors, GAST and DMC varieated threads are hanging on the opposite wall. These threads are still $2.00 each or 6 for $10.00. I'll stick with that pricing for as long as I can.

 I moved the aida cloth to the wall where the threads were originally hanging. 28 count fabric  resides int he basket and the blue box below.

I am making an attempt to keep the counter relatively clutter free but I could not resist putting a little Halloween display there,. just to entice people.

The large plastic bin contains 32 count fabric  and the three baskets to the left  all contain sale items. I will be at the Cataraqui Guild's Needle Arts Fair at the  Kingston Senior's Centre, 56 Francis Street on Saturday October 5 so I hope  lots of stitchers will take advantage of the great sale stuff  I have in these baskets.

With  the problem with my eye, the work around the house and the new dog I have had very little opportunity to stitch but I did manage to do these  little ballerinas. They came from the book you guys from London gave me last month...Thank You for that. They are going to be made into sweet little ornament for my 4 great nieces for Christmas.

Mollie and Macy are learning to get along. Mollie tolerates and Macy torments. Macy doesn't understand that Mollie is not like the puppies at Puppy School who have as much energy as she does.

And the last change that is happening...Dan and I are leaving for Florida for the winter on November 16 so there will be some more changes around Knowledge and Needles.
The shop will become a mail order shop for the winter. You can email me  if there is something you need or want and I will have good friends here who will package up the order and mail it to you.
I will also still be going to the market in Nashville in February and while there will not be an Open House  I will post all the pictures between here and the K&N website. If there are things you want from can pre-order or see them on the website and I can mail them out to you.
So you see...The times they are a changin!

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Dani - tkdchick said...

The canges in the shop look great!!! We'll miss you over the winter!