Sunday, September 1, 2013


We miss Paddy terribly, so much so that the void she left in our lives had to be filled with something. So while we'll never forget our Paddy, we now have a new little bundle to love. She is a Golden Doodle, named Macy.
It has been 11 years since there was a puppy in the house and believe me it is quite different than living with two older dogs who liked to sleep most of the time. There is much less sleeping going on around there these days...just lots of going out hourly, frantic running every which way  and quite a few baths ...she likes to dig!
She is very fond of Mollie who is being very patient and  tolerant of the upstart and her antics.

Also, thank you to everyone who came out last weekend to the Stitching Day. It was great! I do have a white plate left over . If it belongs to you, let me know so I can get it to you.


Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Macy is TOO cute! So glad Mollie is tolerating "the youngster". Looking forward to meeting Macy in person - I may even bring treats for them both!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the two of them sleeping. She is a sweetheart.

Bonnie Brown said...

Macy is adorable! and she is growing so big already!!

Terri said...

What a cutie Macy is! And I love, love, LOVE the last picture of the 2 dogs together! Precious!!!

Carolien said...

How lovely, this new companion for Mollie ... and how sad you had to miss Paddy.

Dutch hugs, Carolien