Friday, January 17, 2014

I am learning!!!

First of all  here is my progress on Giovanni's Alphabet.
8 pages are complete and there are 4 to go. 
It seemed appropriate to post this today since the January stitching retreat is this weekend at Timberhouse Inn in Brighton.
I started Giovanni at the November retreat and hope to have it finished before the March one.
I am thinking of you all at Timberhouse and hope you are having a wonderful time. I warned Dan that I would be spending the weekend stitching along with you all, although not in the same room.
The learning part of this post is referring to the fact that it is my first blog post created on my iPad.
I was pretty sure that it was easy to do that but I ran into problems when it came to posting a photo. So hey, I looked it up and Downloaded an app!!!!
and here I am using an app and posting a photo taken by my ipad.
I am pretty impressed with myself.
The main reason I wanted to be able to do this is that in a few weeks I will be going to Nashville and I want to be able to take photos of the great new loot I will be buying there and post it on my blog for all to ooh and ahh over. And it appears that now I will be able to.
Also I will be able to leave the computer at home for Dan and I can use my iPad all weekend for emails and photos and posts.
If any of you have favourite designers who will be in Nashville and  you have requests...just let me know and  I will seek them out.
I already have orders for Ink Circles 2 new charts so I have put in an order to Tracy to have some set aside for Knowledge and Needles.
I will also be ordering more WDW thread as well as GAST  thread so any requests for special colours will be appreciated. You KNOW that I will buy a bunch but the one you need will get missed unless you tell me.

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Anonymous said...

Your Giovanni is gorgeous!
Now this idea of stitching along with Retreat in a different room is a great idea. I have finished finished the piece I started at November Retreat SOOOOOO maybe a new start!
looking forward to seeing pics of Nashville!