Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I have been stitching and appliquing. I am now up to 4 ornaments for 2014. This latest one below is from another British magazine that I picked up the other day. There are three of these hearts complete with floss, heart shaped aida, felt and a ribbon for hanging. I like it but I cannot say I enjoyed stitching it in hand. How do you continually stitch on these tiny pieces of fabric, Bernie? My hand got sore from holding it and I didn't did not particularly enjoy the aida but it makes up into a sweet ornament. I will make up the other two. It is good to work on something that does not require magnification.
This is the 5th block for my  quilt. 5 down 20 to go  plus about 60 small blocks of two leaves each...a long term project to be sure.

And  at last, my favourite project in a long time.... Giovanni's Alphabet. I have finished another page and I am still loving it in spite of the need for the magnifier. The Gloriana silk is lovely to work with.


Dani - tkdchick said...

You are keeping wonderfully busy Ann!

Bonnie Brown said...

The alphabet looks great!

Franny said...

Your blocks and stitching look wonderful! Keep up the good work, it was nice to hear from you.