Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sheaf Stitch

First I will share Macy's latest act of destruction... Alas the red monkey is no more. We have no problem with her tearing the monkey apart. If you look at the photo you will see some mats covering the edge of the carpet...they are there to cover the edges that she chewed a few days ago. We still have mats over that area but now to protect the newly repaired   edge of the carpet.  Toys are good to chew...carpets are bad to chew. 

And now on to the sheaf stitches.  There are 142 sheaf stitches and 2 half sheaf stitches done here in DMC 781 and then some special crosses  and then 142  full sheaf stitches and 2 half sheaf stitches done in DMC  780. These diagonals are getting longer and taking longer to stitch with each new colour.  But I still love the piece and am becoming quite proficient at all these specialty  stitches. I have not done so many since  I worked on Jeannette Douglas' My Stitching Album.


Lana said...

Beautiful stitching!! Crazy dog!! Lol

Bonnie Brown said...

Silly Puppy!!
Every time I see someone doing that pattern it grows on me.

Jennifer said...

Ohhh pretty!!! (The stitching, not the mangled monkey! LOL) I love the changes in color, and the diagonal stripes are really interesting to look at