Sunday, March 2, 2014

Some Nashville Ornaments

Since finishing Giovanni's Alphabet, I did not really get back to my stitching for quite awhile. The prospect of going back at one of my larger projects was not appealing  so I coasted. When I got back from Nashville with all these lovely small ornament type patterns I  was able to stitch again.
These three red birds are from Myrtle Grace designs and were fun to work on. 

This one is stitched with Valdani's new Australian Wool which I won in a draw. I wouldn't use it again but I like the bird.

This bird is stitched with white perle cotton...I love that it is so white.

I stitched this one with PB10 Treasure braid. You can sort of see the sparkles.

This is Spiral Pig from Sam Sarah designs. I am not too happy with the colour I picked for the larger wing but I do not have my full range of colours here and I had to make do.