Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rotation is working

I just finished my third 4 day  rotation  with Ella's stocking. It is coming along fabulously and as you can see, I have been doing the back stitching as I go. I have frequently been guilty of leaving it ALL to the end, but not this time!

Today I should get back to my Mystic Stitch piece, Magpie, by Monet. 7 pages complete, 8 to go, but 4 of those 8 are smaller than usual.

This is Dear Jane. Fran and I are doing it as a stitch along. In this case, I have completed 2 motifs and only have about a million to go.


Lana said...

Great progress on all your pieces!! I love working with s rotation. Kind of mixes things up s bit and I get to see progress happening on all my projects.

Bonnie Brown said...

Great progress Ann! Love the mystic stitch

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been busy. Lovely work.

Franny said...

Keep on stitching! Your photos are wonderful and you will catch up to me on Dear Jane pretty quick