Saturday, February 28, 2015

Some Nashville purchases

Sue Hillis
Blackberry Lane

Can't remember the designer...maybe Nicky's creations

Scissortail designs and Priscilla' Pocket designs

Amy Breucken

hands on designs and an exclusive from Cherished Stitches

Ink Circles

Aury TM

Blackbird designs and somebody else
Jeannette Douglas

Teresa Kogut
More Lizzie Kate
Queens town designs...the sampler is done over one, is very tiny and magnificent.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann this is my first time on your blog... imagine!!!!! What is the Lady Jane pattern you are working on? Ottawa Agent and big fan of KaN

Jan said...

Hello Ann! Good to see the progress on your stitchings. Looking at all the goodies, I'm anxious for you to get back so I can come to the store for a visit.
I would really like one of those round stitching lights, with magnifier the ladies were using at retreat too.
Enjoy the rest of your time in Florida !