Thursday, April 16, 2015

Progress and a visitor

This little guy came for visit a couple of evenings ago. Dan was coming home at dusk and noticed something by the front door. Thinking it wand a parcel from UPS  he walked up to the door and was surprised to find this  young, one foot or so alligator  on the mat. It caused quite the excitement in the neighbourhood, as we were all gathered around taking pictures and marvelling at his appearance. Dan shooed him to the driveway with a broom and our neighbour picked him up, very carefully in a t shirt and took him across the road and the vacant lot to release him into the canal. We are much more vigilant now when letting Macy out at night!

I have reached the heel on Ella's stocking but it will go away now until we get back home. Ella, herself and parents will be arriving tomorrow and I do not want anyone of them seeing it before it is finished.
Dear Jane is coming along slowly

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Bea said...

That stocking is lovely. I'm sure it's confetti heavy, but the detail is excellent.

Interesting visitor!