Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A gardenia bush

After some asking around I discovered that this beautiful flower is a gardenia. There are many more buds on the bush and I will take a photo when the bush is in all its glory.
Today I go back to my Mystic Stitch piece. I have finally broken down and  am trying "parking" my needle as a new technique for me. I will decide if I like it or not. Thòse are just water spots on the fabric, nothing serious... Not dirt.
Dear Jane is progressing. It is enjoyable because each motif represents a little finish and, let's face it working with only one colour is easy. My little fortune cookie waxer gets a good workout when I am working on this design. Did I mention in my last post that I have ordered 3 dozen of these little waxers for the shop. They come in a wide variety of cool shapes.
I just finished my 4 days on Ella's stocking. This time  I did neglect the back stitching so  I will have to hope I am in the mood for it the next time this piece comes up in my rotation. I do feel that I have been quarter stitched into oblivion though.

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Dani - tkdchick said...

Ann you've got some great stitching projects on the go there! Let me know how that parking goes. I'm starting to consider the idea as well.