Friday, July 20, 2007

Egyptian Cat

July 20, 2007

I know I have posted this picture before but a blogger asked me where the pattern originated so I checked with Wendy who stitched it...It comes from Cross Stitch Gold magazine from at least a year ago. Sorry I cannot be more may actually be from 2005 !

Yesterday during our Thursday stitching group I was getting concerned because Dani and Christin were supposed to be coming for a visit and I knew they had wanted to be here to join in the Thursday stitching fun but it was getting toward mid-afternoon and there was no sign of them. Beatrice and Kathy arrived late due to another earlier commitment and I was informed that I was only off by a week for the visit. They are coming NEXT Thursday! Didn't feel too stupid! Oh I have another week of anticipation of a good visit and lots of stitching!

Today is another wet rainy day and today I actually feel like stitching after a bit of a time crunch and a slump these past 10 days or I am looking forward to hauling out little Molly from Carriage House samplings and seeing if she can't end up with two arms and the other half of her cat.

I am also pleased that it is raining since it means I don't have to cut the grass and I can use my newly repaired dryer ...ahh soft towels again. No guilt about ignoring the clothesline when it's raining!

I took some pictures yesterday of some great stitching and will show them on my next post.


Wendy said...

Have a great visit with Dani and Christin NEXT week, Ann!

Kathy said...

Ah, Ann - isn't advanced (not I didn't say that) age a wonder. Been there, done that. We all love you anyway. You make stitching such fun. Will miss you guys, and thanks for saving the newspaper article for me.

Beatrice said...

I look forward to Dani and Christin being here as well...I wish it was now. NEXT week will be wonderful.
Isn't Wendy's cat gorgeous ?????

ollie1976 said...

It's a beautiful cat.

tkdchick said...

Less than a week away now Ann! Lovely piece I don't remember seeing that one!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information about the egyptian cat. Today I came across another cross stitch gold magazine in which was said that it was issue 35 ;-) Ann.