Monday, July 30, 2007

Some pictures

July 30, 2007

Obviously my blogging has suffered in the past week so I will try to make up for it by showing some of the fabulous stitching the Thursday stitchers have been producing.

This first one is Barb's HAED Santa. He has a beautiful face. Barb, very wisely doesn't work on him here on Thursdays!

Olive is doing this entire chicadee in french knots!
Judie has been most diligent to stay with her Cows with blankets. We have tried to talk her into starting another project to give herself some variety but she is bound and determined to finsh this one for her daughter before she starts anything else.

Jane only started stitching this spring and has already completed a Bent Creek wedding design for her daughter and is now doing this gorgeous butterfly picture. I managed to get a great deal of stitching done myself this weekend thanks to having Dani and Christin here. We stitched like mad Thursday to Sunday and tomorrow I will have the fruits of my labour to share. You will have to check out their blogs to see their progress. In addition to stitching they helped both Beatrice and me jazz up out blogs a little bit.


Beatrice said...

The stitching pieces are wonderful... we ARE lucky to be able to stitch with some Fine stitchers.
I like your new blog look.
Thanks for dinner!!!

Nancy in PA said...

Thank you for sharing the beautiful stitching - I enjoyed this "visit" very much.
Happy Stitching to all.

Aussie Stitcher said...

They all look amazing, well done ladies. You will have to get your Thursday ladies started with blogging.