Thursday, July 5, 2007


July 5, 2007

As promised I am finally showing some of my works in progress. Here is Molly with feet. Her long black dress was getting a bit tedious but now I am working on the cat and perhaps it will progress at a faster pace.
I am involved in a small neighbourhood round robin and the theme of this one is winter. Unfortunately I think we may have to involve a few more people in this endeavour since I put my house way "out in the country" quite a distance from the other two building and the skating rink already stitched on this piece. (sorry Marsha)
When I was working on Molly's long black dress, I decided I needed a colourful diversion so I stitched up these two pin cushion tops from the June issue of Gift of Stitching magazine. The fabric is called Strawberry Milkshake (Silkweaver) and the thread used was GAST Raspberry Parfait. Both were fun to stitch. Of course the trick now will be to actually make them up into pinkeeps!


Vonna said...

You've been busy! Congrats to you as it is all lovely :)

Michelle said...

Your WIPs are looking so pretty. I love what you stitched for the RR. That thread on the Strawberry Milkshake looks yummy!

Kathy said...

Nice progress on Molly. Will keep nagging and will get the other Thursday stitchers to hlep until you make pinkeeps from your stitching LOL

Beatrice said...

I didn't realize that I am doing the same piece as you did. [the heart] so needless to say I love it !!! They are all very pretty. Molly is so cute. The winter house looks cozy.

tkdchick said...

Wow Ann! You got a lot done! It all looks great!