Thursday, September 6, 2007

I am tired

September 6, 2007

The garage is empty. The basement is full of wood and I am tired. It is hard work but very satisfying as well. I still have a huge pile to stack neatly but that will be for another day.

I am very excited because I just got some Ink Circles designs in and they are beautiful. A number of stitchers at the retreat indicated an interest in doing a Cirque des Cercles stitch along so the patterns are here ladies. Actually I will be e-mailing everyone who was interested. This rose out of the fact that Dani, Christin, Beatrice and Kathy are starting a stitch along on Nov 1 on Paridigm Lost. I wasn't interested in that chart but my interest sure got piqued with Cirque des we may have a parallel SAL.

If anyone is interested in joining in either one..please feel free. I don't have Paradigm charts in the shop but Cirque is available.

Of course the problem is that I also ordered Kaleidoscope and This Heart of Mine, both also from Ink Cirlces and I love both of them as well. To think a few weeks ago I didn't know what I wanted to start next and now I am overwhelmed.

Have I mentioned that Carmen, Colleen and I are also doing a stitch along for Glendon Place's Pretty Pumpkins...over one on a gorgeous Moss Green 25 ct lugana. That will also be fun once we get started...although I did pull the thread for it yesterday!

I am going to relax and stitch now . The work this morning with the wood has wiped me out and all this fondling of beautiful charts has inspired me to sit quietly and get some stitching done!

I have no pictures of my current projects but will share a picture of Judy and her 12 Months of a snowman afghan. Judy was here on Thursday for the first time but as you can see she is no beginner!


barb said...

Can hardly wait to get my Cirque de cercles-then the lovely task of choosing fabric and threads.
The afgan that Judy is working on and almost finished is gorgeous!

Vonna said...

I just bet you are wore me out looking at the pictures :)

tkdchick said...

Ann, take that well deserved rest! Set aside my copy of Cirque and I'll pick it up the next time I'm down your way.

Beatrice said...

You get your well deserved break now!!!I love Judy's snowmen!

Kathy A. said...

Well, now you are one tough cookie. I don't think I could slog that much wood. What fun it was to watch you and Barb fondle threads and fabrics this afternoon. Judy's afghan is lovely

Lynn said...

I love the looks of Kaleidoscope. I'm thinking of adding it to my stash.
I'm anxious to see your GP Pumpkins too. They're on my wish list.