Monday, September 10, 2007

More Cirque des Cercles stuff

September 10, 2007

Last week I sent an e-mail to Tracy Horner of Ink Circles to tell her that the patterns I had ordered had arrived safely and to (yes) gush over them. I am so blown away by these designs that I want to stitch them all...well the three I have...Cirque, Kaleidoscope and This Heart of Mine.
Anyway she responded with a great idea, which I wish I had thought of myself...that if you are trying to choose thread and fabric, maybe doing one of the circles by itself as a Christmas ornament will give you an idea of whether you like the thread and fabric you have chosen. Great idea I thought!

Then Carmen sent me this link to a picture of Cirque done completrely in beads....You gotta see this!!!

Suddenly it came to me...I would try to make some ornaments in beads, using some of the circles from Cirque. I was very ambitious and got out about 4 different pieces of fabric and all my bead stash...spread it all on the table and got started.
Below is Saturday afternoon's effort. I love the look but ...let's just say the beads and fabric have been put away and there is NO WAY I will be doing Cirque all in beads...not that I had thought to anyway! I am not even sure I want to make any more ornaments all in beads...although I may break down and attempt another one. I do like the look! But I am not that avid a beader!

And just so you know...I finished stacking all the wood in the basement this morning and I am quite proud of myself. The dogs have also been walked, there is a load of towels in the laundry and the floors have been swiffered. (Not vacuumed...I am not that good a housekeeper)


Beatrice said...

My Mother would love that beaded piece. I do to mind you but that much beading. I don't know....Very pretty though.
And you have been a busy bee this morning. Good for you, get it all done now you can stitch! not that you couldn't anyway. LOL
That Cirque is amazing.!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that beaded Cirque is amazing, and so is your ornament! Well done. I can't even begin to imagine doing all that beading.

Judie said...

Make sure you show Anne the beaded ornament. You know how she has become addicted to beading. lol It looks lovely, but not something I am about to try.

Melinda Medeiros said...

The finished Cirque is truly amazing and lovely to see. I cannot imagine working that all in beads! The small circle motifs are all nice ideas for quick holiday ornaments in cross stitch.

Christine said...

That beaded Cirque even got an "Oh, my God!" from Scott. Incredible work. You already did more than I would have the patience to do!

Lynn said...

I been trying to decide whether to do Paradigm Lost or Cirque in the upcoming SAL in November. I came across the beaded Cirque in my travels. You've really got to love beading!! Love the idea for an ornament though.

Vonna said...

Well I know I am a day late...but WHOO HOO! on that finishing up the housework and stacking the wood in the a.m.! WOW :)
And I love your beaded ornament!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Thanks for the link to the finished CdC, that is amazing. Not for me though. I love your ornament, great idea.

Kathy A. said...

You crazy woman! You have way too much time on your hands if you are beading a piece of Cirque de Cercles! It is a lovely job. I agree with Judies - show it to Ann! Glad you have all that wood finished

tkdchick said...

Ann its always good to try something different! Looks great and what an amazing piece Cirque all done in beads!