Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Progress Pics

September 4, 2007

Here is the latest progress picture of Joyce's HAED design "The Tempest" As you can see it is really taking shape.

And my week's progress on "It's good to be queen" , with my toes peeking out at the bottom. I worked on it a bit more at our weekly stitching session with Joyce this morning and managed to fill in the blue called for inside the letters in Queen.

My stitching may take a bit of a back seat this week, as I had to get home early this afternoon since three loads of wood are being delivered. The first one is here with the remaining two coming along in the next little while. The rest of the week will likely be taken up throwing it in the basement and stacking it. I hope I'll be able to lift my arms to stitch when the Thursday stitchers show up!


Beatrice said...

Wow Ann your Queen is coming along great.
Joyce's work is always beautiful!!!!

Kathy A. said...

Ann, you are doing a wonderful job on Queen. Nice progress over the weekend. I want to see if you can throw one log, stitch ten, throw one log, stitch ten??? Good luck with all that wood

Name: Vicki said...

I love the queen piece! Both pieces are gorgeous! Hope you get the thread you need to finish the other piece! Have a great day!