Monday, February 18, 2008

Finally some stitching

These photos are not of my stitching...I haven't been doing any! Holidays interfered.

These first three are pictures that Barb has stitched.

Barb is the stitcher who is a few feet short of Antique Brass waterlilies...and I must take this chance to thank Dani for coming to our aid and posting Barb's problem on her blog. Dani has a wide readership and sure enough Darla has some Antique Brass and is willing to share with Barb.

Aren't stitchers the most generous and kind people? Thanks Dani and Darla.

This fairy is for Barb's niece. I think since she is a Santa collector that this Santa will stay at home.

And Michael Powell's Pithead is a birthday gift for her husband who was born in a Welsh mining town much like this one. Since she doesn't want him to see it, I get to hang it here for the next couple of months!!!
This cute little bird WIP belongs to Bernie...great job don't you thinkI took a few more stitching pics on Thursday and will post them tomorrow.

I also had a delightful visitor on Friday afternoon and took some pics of him as well...but those will also wait till another day.


Beatrice said...

Lucky you..You get to hang Barbs Micheal Powell's Pithead at the shop.
It is a great shop model!
All the pieces Barb has done are wonderful.
I love Bernie's little birdies as well.
I'm glad some floss was found for Barb.
Way to go Ann, Dani and Darla!

Chrisanne said...

OO I am still trying to finish anything and here are a ton of HD's.

You have also been tagged. See my blog.

tkdchick said...

Wow! Barb is such an amazing stitcher!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Barb's stitching looks wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the new shop additions and glad to see that you had a great break.