Saturday, February 9, 2008

Oh My!

I have just spent the most amazing day at the Nashville Needlework Market.
First of all before I get into raving about the market, let me tell everyone that the tornadoes of last week just narrowly missed this part of Nashville. The pictures of the devastation less than 30 minutes away are unbelievable. Those poor people! It makes blizzards look like a good alternative. At least in a snowstorm you are generally safe in your own home. Not so in a tornado. Apparently one of the tornados crossed right over the Opryland Mall and the Opryland Hotel but fortunately did not touch down. We were still in Daytona at that time enjoying 85 degree weather.

Anyway, we got to Nashville yesterday and it was no longer 85 degrees but still very pleasant nevertheless...we did not have to take the bags of grapefruit in since there was no danger of freezing, which is a good thing. I have a feeling that we wil be hauling fruit into where ever we stay en route home tomorrow night.

But back to the is amazing but I have never seen cash melt away at such an incredible rate, nor has my credit card got so much use in such a short period of time! So the money is gone but oh my, do I ever have some fabulous patterns and charts. I don't think there is anything I bought that I don't want to stitch myself. I love them all!

Glendon Place has some great new charts using DMC variations.
Kit and Bixby has a couple of adorable polar bears to add to the sheep series.
The Shores of HRW is amazing.
Wedding samplers... some fabulous ones from various designers...Bent Creek, Sisters and Best Friends (who are actually 2 new companies now but I can't remember the new names), my brain is mush and I can't even remember who else had some but I bought them!!!
JBW's new designs in the French Country series are great.
Kappie Originals is an interesting company. Their other job is Private investigating! How cool is that?
I have been wanting Chatelaine's Alpine Meadow for years and finally have the chart along with some Sampler Cove designs from ECC.
There were numerous designers who I had never heard of before Rosewood Manor (great samplers ) for one and Stitch'spiration (blackwork) for another. Courtney Collection is new to me also and they have some really cool all one colour amazing peacock comes to mind.
Cat's Whiskers has a new Garden Chair to add to their chair series and it is adorable. The Dinky Dyes suite had lamingtons for customers and I must say I indulged in one lamingtom and 2 chairs.
It was great to chat briefly with Jeanette Douglas and she also has a cool new series of charts coming out on a bimonthly basis. When finished they will from a stitching book! I will be on her automatic subscription list for that. Alas we have to wait till probably August for the first installment!
I am so tired (and a bit distracted by the Bud shootout, which Junior is leading at this mintue) that I can't even remember what all I have bought. It will be a blast unpacking on Monday or Tuesday and seeing it all again!
Oh yeah, I found a great thing to have for door prizes at the Open House as well!!!


tkdchick said...

Can't wait until open house! Travel safe on your way back north!

Wendy said...

Great report, Ann! I'm thinking I better puts lots of $$ away for your open house.

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Oh my, glad my pay day falls just before the open house..I'll be there, with bells on! Sounds like a fantasic time and enjoy unpacking when you get back, just like Christmas all over again!

Judie said...

So glad to hear that you are safe. I wasn't sure when you were leaving Florida and was afraid you might have been caught in the tornado. Looking forwarding to seeing all the good "stuff" you have bought. So much for my resolve not to buy any more patterns. Oh well, being a relatively new stitcher, I have to build up my stash. See you soon.

Lynn said...

Wow, I hope I can make that open house! I'm so anxious to see the new stuff.
Glad you weren't in the tornado zone. I've seen the devastation they can cause first hand. We had one touch down in Windsor one year.It hit the curling club and one of my father's friends was killed.

Beatrice said...

Oh Boy this is going to be a great open houses. I feel the money flying out of my wallet.
By the way I never did get that photo I ordered from you. [D and B]
Hope to see you soon.
I'm so glad the tornado didn't effect you.
The poor folks that were effected. It's always a bad thing. I agree snow is better.

barb said...

OH BOY!! Can hardly wait! As if I need more projects to do. BUT what is life without a few?? more starts.
Looking forward to your return.

CathMcD said...

Glad you had a great time and the tornado missed you! Looking forward to the open house too - I just forget when that's suppose to be?

My and my memory! ARG!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.