Thursday, April 24, 2008

A needlebook

This is my first needlebook and I am rather pleased with myself.
I haven't decided if it needs "pages" or real needlebooks all have pages?

I decided on a needlebook since the Griffin (Ink Circles...Celtic Beasties) was done in traditional colours and in the everyday design vs the bright colours and the Christmas version...and besides I already have 4 Celtic beasites for ornaments. Below are two of them..the dog and the peacocks. I also made backs for the ornies, for a change. Generally I just use fabric.
My intention was to have these two ornaments made up this week but the nice weather got the better of me and I have no ornaments to take with me to Kingston to the Needle Arts Fair on Saturday. (But I do have a much better looking back yard!)
Dan and I will head to Kingston bright and early on Saturday to set up the Knowledge and Needles booth at the Fair. There is always a great turnout of avid stitchers, quilters and needleworkers. It is sponsored by the Cataraqui Needle Arts Guild. Admission is $7.00 which gives you lunch, admission to the great display of the work they did all year and access to 18 vendors, all assembled in one spot with patterns, kits, cross stitch, fibres, fabrics, baskets, and books, all for sale. If you are in the Kingston area... the fair is at St Margaret's Church on Sir John A MacDonald Blvd from 10 am till 3 pm.


~V said...

ooohhh I live in Kingston! I might have to check it out :) Great needlebook. I've seen them just with a piece of felt sewn in as 'pages' to put the needles in..

Vonna said...

What a wonderful needlebook! I made my first one too, it's on my blog now...firsts for us both and yours is just gorgeously done ;)

Beatrice said...

What can I say but...WOW.
Very nice!!!