Monday, September 8, 2008

Friday Stitchers

In addition to the Thursday stitchers there is a smaller group who come on Friday to stitch. Here is Katie with her finished Rosewood Manor bullpull.."Claret" done is the softest of DMC torquoise variated threads. This is Fran who has just recently re-discovered the joys of Cross stitch. She is an avid sewer and quilter and had also dabbled in cross stitch but now we are bringing her back into the cross stitch cult...oops, I mean fold.
And here I am looking tired in the dining room with the dogs.
Next blog will feature pictures of my progress on my stained glass landscape and of page one , Mosaic Muse, of Jeanette Douglas's "My stitching album" Once I got past the very small size of the stitches on 32 count fabric and got into a rhythm with the mosaic stitch, I found myself loving this, in spite of the black fabric!


Beatrice said...

What was it that tired you out??? 32ct black maybe???Tell katie congrats on her banner it's lovely!

Carolien said...

You need a little rest I guess ...
The dogs are beautiful!
Have a nice week & hugs, Carolien