Monday, September 29, 2008


Look who came to visit us today! They have unfortunate heads and faces, but the feathers were beautiful.
I was in the garden getting some carrots and peppers for my spaghetti sauce and these 4 guests were chirping and clicking behind me. They were amazingly unconcerned about my presence, even when I went back in the house to get my camera and take their pictures. They were not interested in the sunflower seeds I threw down but did seem to enjoy the leaves on my clematis plant on the trellis.

I was hoping Dan would get home to see them before they left and he did...promptly bursting my bubble of belief that they could sense that I was an animal lover and they would come to no harm being here near me. It was unusual behavior for wild turkys I thought, but I just enjoyed the experience of their presence.
Turns out Dan knew their story after having talked with our neighbours George and Gail yesterday. I was out for the day and he talked to everyone on the road I think while walking the dogs yesterday afternoon.
Anyway, it seems that George ran over the nest earlier this summer when he was haying. So he took the eggs home and hatched them in an incubator. I guess farmers have such things on hand. Now the young turkeys are quite at home on the farm and even follow Gail around all over the place from house to barn and where ever all the time, even to the point of annoyance.
No wonder thay were unconcerned about me...they are totally used to humans being nearby.
Oh well, when they were leaving to go back through the woods which separate our houses, I told them they were welcome back anytime and they would be safe and welcome here. They did not reply but maybe they'll be back.


Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

This is not something I will share with Curt...he will want to come visit until he can take one home! Lovely vistors...except they were not polite at all, they didn't even visit your shop!

Beatrice said...

Eating your Clematis how dare they...mind you they are rather charming all though a but unfortunate in appearance.
What a neat story about the farmer taking them in. I hope he keeps them in the barn in May!

Vonna said...

LOL...unfortunate heads and faces .... LOL! They do...that's for sure, but they are fun to watch...we have them all over the place here and run into a gaggle of them daily on our way to school :o)

Ruth said...

lol I love it tame, wild turkies eating your clematis. Regardless who hatched them, that's something to see wandering through your yard!