Monday, January 23, 2012

January Retreat

Another retreat is in the record books and it was a good one. We had three new participants and it must have gone well because they want to come back next year!
The first bunch of pictures  is a sampling of some of the fabulous stuff that was on display. I don't know the names of the patterns but I do know who stitched what, I think.

Liane's work

Liane's work

 Another one stitched by Liane

This one is Clare's

These 4 were stitched by Cheryl

This Ink Circles and the wine one below are Kathy's stitching, as are the incredible wolves, which were done over one by the way!

Leslie, Jeannine and Diane

Brenda, Kathy Fran and Clare way in the background

Fran and Cheryl




 We stitched a lot, ate well and there was way too much laughing going on a good deal of the time! What an excellent way to spend a weekend!


Lynn said...

Oh, it looked like an awesome time! I would have loved to join all of you. Unfortunately I'm having some health issues that just make it difficult for me to sleep unless I'm in my own bed. Perhaps I could join you during the day sometime.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I had a blast Ann!

Margaret said...

Lovely pictures of your retreat and such wonderful project finishes.

Anonymous said...

As always when I see all the beautiful pics of the retreats I miss I have a heavy sigh and then I QUICKLY remember that I was stitching OUTSIDE in the warmth.
Not a stitch was done when Anne and Beatrice were here.