Friday, January 6, 2012

Lisa's finish

 Lisa has done a fabulous job on this cat who looks just like her's!
In keeping wtih what seems to be the trend this year I am diligently working on my works in progress...all seem to be large so the progress is slow. Here are four pages  of White Lilies on Red from Mystic stitch.

Paddy is recovering extremely well from her ordeal on Christmas night. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and good wishes.


Kathy A. said...

Wow, Lisa's cat is gorgeous. Please tell her I said so. You are making great progress on your red stitch.
Glad to hear Paddy is recovering nicely.

Anonymous said...

Lisa's cat is gorgeous especially seen up close. Your Mystic stitch is WOW.But then I love anything with lots of red. Enjoying MB.


Carolien said...

Dear Ann,

This evening when I came home from work, I found your letter on my desk. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely story!!! I had tears in my eyes when reading it. I will answer your letter later, but I wanted you to know that it arrived here safely.
Many, many thanks & big hugs, Carolien