Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One ornament

I have 4 great nieces and  for the last few years I have been making an ornament for each of them. I had 3 in this series made so I just added the 4th.
I understand from my brother that both my nephew and his wife are expecting their second child in October and my niece and her partner are expecting their first in January. Add to that, my step daughter and her husband are expecting their first child in December and I may find myself making more ornaments soon to keep up with this mini population boom!
This is the second quilt block I have made for the Mountie Quilt project.


Bea said...

Cute ornament!

That's a great addition to the quilt blocks.

Bonnie Brown said...

Both look great!

Marilyn said...

Great block, and very cute Snowman!

riona said...

I love the hare piece. Lately, I find I have been drawn to charts with rabbits and hares. I wonder why.