Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stitchers are generous

These are two more blocks by Sharon. As you can tell she is one who leads by example.
The cat above with the rose is from a magazine from 1990. There was a companion piece shown in that magazine of a similar cat with an orchid which was going to be in the next issue. Of course neither Sharon nor I had that issue. I posted on facebook what we were after and  that same day we had a response from a friend of mine prepared to mail us the magazine.  Thank you Kelly, Sharon is delighted with her new pattern.

Anita stitched this little beauty. I think it is my favourite!

Ann M did this heart and it's border. 

Cheryl and her granddaughter Eve collaborated on this piece. 

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Anonymous said...

Squares so far are inspiring.

Sure hope one of the recipients is a cat-fanatic. heather & I are about finished our butterfly and have started a cat square as well. Incidentally, I have two leaflets of cats in the series that Sharon is involved in, if she's interested in more of these!