Thursday, March 12, 2015


Here is my progress on Dear Jane. I actually have one more day to work on it in my rotation and I am going to get at it just as soon as I have finished here. 
The little fortune cookie shaped thing in the picture is a waxer which I purchased from Janis at Noteworthy Needle  at the Nashville Show. 
Waxers, made from beeswax,  soothe the thread and make it more manageable. I wanted to try it for myself before I bought a bunch of them for Knowledge and Needles.
My verdict.. A good product! I used it on my DMC variegated thread on this piece all three days and it does everything as advertised. Where I found it particularly useful was when I had to do some " reverse stitching" , nobody's favourite task, especially when you are stitching one complete stitch at a time!
It made the ripping out a little less onerous.
I have not tried it when working on my Mystic Stitch piece because I think waxing a thread for the two or three stitches you get to do with each colour at a time, might prove more bother than it is worth but for when you can use up the whole length of thread it is worthwhile.
I will be ordering some for the shop...the next big decision will be which of the many, interesting shapes shall I order?
And lastly,  I have finally posted photos on my website of many of the new items I bought in Nashville. They are located on the pages of many of the designers and also, for the designers who do not have their own page on the Knowledge and Needles website, on the New Items page.

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