Monday, December 6, 2010

Current WIP

When I finally got back to stitching last week I picked up the stocking and made some progress. It always seems like you do more at the beginning of the project...I know it just seems like more because the additional stitches are more apparent.
At any rate my stitching has become very slow with the sore finger. Ethan will not be enjoying his stocking this Christmas. These are the other two pieces in my rotation...Sunbathing...

and A Virtuous Woman stocking....
Linen does wrinkle doesn't it??
The tree is up and has lights but no decorations so far. We bought a real tree this year and it does smell wonderful. We mainly were rebelling at the effort of getting the artificial tree up the basment steps ... but for all that avoidance I still had to de-vest it of the strings of lights which I had oh so cleverly left on last year thinking I was saving myself some aggravation...wrong again. It is a pain the remove lights from a tree tucked in a corner between shelves and a hanging bicycle...especially when I had wound the lights on every twig and branch so expertly last year!
So this year's tree has one less set of lights but fortunately it is smaller so it looks OK. It doesn't know how close it came to having no lights at all.

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