Monday, December 13, 2010

Friday Stitchers

The finishes by Judie, Judy and Janice will have to wait while I display the suprise that came to me on Friday...

These are the core Friday stitchers...left to right.. Sharon, Catherine, me, Anne, Fran and Cheryl.
Lucie who comes as time allows and Paddy are looking on.

Apparently as long ago as last August they hatched a plot to create a unique sampler just for me and here it is. I cried! They all had a hand in it and I must say it ranks right up there with the best all time gifts I have ever received. Thank You so much girls!!
Kathy came late to the group and as stained glass is really her forte she made me this gorgeous guardian angel. Kathy is also an aritist with paints and we are slowly converting her to cross stitch addiction as well. Catherine only started Cross stitching this year. Not only did she do a portion of the sampler but she also made each of us a lovely ornament with our initial. Here is mine on the tree.

I am thankful every day to have so many wonderful friends.


Cindy's Stitching said...

so nice to have a great group of women to stitch with.

Anonymous said...

That is lovely. Stitchers are great and you have a wonderful Friday stitching group.

Anonymous said...

WOW Ann! I had heard that the Friday stitchers were up to something. That is a spectacular surprise!

Lynn said...

What an awesome surprise!! You are so blessed to have such an incredible group of friends.