Monday, August 13, 2007

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August 13, 2007

After a week and a half away from home I am back and ready to get into a routine again.

Alas I have no pictures for this entry since not only have I not been stitching but I have not been taking any pictures, in spite of being on vacation since last Tuesday. I don't count going to the racetrack and dry camping there from Thursday to Monday as a vacation. However it was at the racetrack where I put the last few stitches in Molly from Carriage House Samplings. She needs a few backstitches so that her arms show up on the fabric. My fabric choice was just a bit too light for her skintones.

Tuesday to Sunday was the real vacation to Edmonton for a reunion of my old teaching friends from 1978 to 1981. We had a wonderful reunion and it was great to see people again and marvel how if we didn't see any of the people who were children back then, none of us would have changed a bit. Amazing how the children are now adults and older than we were when we were in Europe together but we are all still the same as we were !!

I did visit an Edmonton stitching store called Stitcher's Heaven and had a very pleasant 40 minutes there visiting with Marlene , the owner. I came away with three patterns I don't have in my shop and will post a picture of them later this week. Marlene's shop is bright and spacious and had a large collection of fibres and fabrics and many designers who I do not carry. It will be good to have another Canadian shop I can recommend to stitchers if I don't happen to carry what they want.

We also had lots of time to see the beautiful city of Edmonton and were toured around by locals who obviously have great pride in their city. The red eye on Sunday morning was a bit of a challenge but we got caught up on our sleep both Sunday morning after we got home and when we went back to bed early Sunday night. My sleep deprived body clock should be re-adjusted by now.

My next challenge is to get the house ready for the retreat this weekend. I have some tidying up to do and will try to de-dog hair the house as best I can!


Judie said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. Looking forward to Saturday retreat. I might even get my cows finished - NOT!! Still another page to do.

barb said...

it looks like you had a great trip
Looking forward to the retreat and of coarse Thursday.

Beatrice said...

Nice that you are home safe and sound. Glad that you had a great trip to Edmonton... and the racetrack!

tkdchick said...

Welcome back Ann, glad you enjoyed Edmonton!