Tuesday, August 14, 2007


July 14, 2007

These are the three charts I purchased from Marlene at Stitcher's Heaven in Edmonton. I am interested to see if anyone around here is interested in any of them with an eye to maybe stocking these designers in the shop. I already have a few of Dimple Designs but so far have not stocked any of the Pinn designs. The Ukranian one is a local Edmonton designer I believe.
So far I have not roused myself to get back at my stitching. It is unusual for me to go this long without it! However I am still quite tired from the holiday and the travelling and I do have about 30 stitchers coming to the house on Saturday. I suppose I should be doing something to prepare for that! Maybe some cleaning???
I am actually thinking about the food and the chairs and taking steps to make sure we have plenty of both... I mean really what more do we want? People know enough to bring their own lights and as long as we all have place to sit and can ooh and ahh at each other's stitching everything should be OK!
It is a rather enabling weekend!


tkdchick said...

Ann, I like the Pinn stitch but not with the mind to buying one any time soon. I know there are fans out there.

I do LOOOVE Dimples designs... but I have most of Terrance's designs that I want.

Your Niece didn't call me so I finally gave her a shout on the weekend she had misplaced my number. They are on holiday this week so she said she'd get in touch with me next week.

Can't wait for this weekend! It'll all come together, it always does.

Oh yeah... do I have the crock pot as usual or shall I obtain one?

Wendy said...

Looking forwards to the retreat this weekend, Ann! You mean there is going to be enabling going on there?

Beatrice said...

The chairs are on their way as usual.
I do like the stash.
I talked to Jane Mc today she'll be there around 3.

Kathy A. said...

Is it Saturday yet? Thank goodness for Thursday, I have missed stitching with everyone. Beatrice and I will be late but we will be there