Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Adriana

July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Adriana! The above is a picture taken of Adriana last year at the retreat and today is her 91st birthday! Have a great day Adriana and I will be seeing you on Thursday at our regular Thursday Stitcher's group and again on Saturday at the retreat.

I do like having pictures in my blog.

Since I have no stitching to show for my last couple of weeks and since I doubt that you all want to see a picture of our sparkling bathtub or the soon-to-be dust free baseboards I will content myself with a shot of the 4 Celtic Banners which were proudly displayed at last year's retreat. They inspired Barb, Kathy and Beatrice to do a SAL and stitch their own banners which I haope to have here on Saturday for another photo!

Yes, I have not been stitching since my return from holidays, I have been cleaning! Dan went on a bit of a cleaning frenzy last night when he got home from work (see above reference to sparkling bathroom) and the yard is looking pretty good as well once the trimming was done...that was last night also! I had cut the grass during the day... well the few green bits that were left..It has been so dry here everyone's yard is dry and crispy.

Today I have to clean the baseboards and tonight we will shampoo the dining room carpet which I admit really needs it.
The baseboards? well...I must admit that they are something I do not particularly notice anywhere...last week in Edmonton I was at a party at someone's home and truth be told I did not even notice if they had baseboards never mind if they were dust free... however Dan notices these things and ours will be clean for the weekend, well the downstairs ones anyway! I hope everybody notices!


Judie said...

Actually, I had been meaning to mention those baseboards to you. Glad you got around to them. lol

Vonna said...

Happy Birthday Adriana :)

I'm weird and notice baseboards..especially if they are white...I'm a little anal about dusting mine...but I don't dust them, I just vaccum them with my handy dandy handheld vaccum :)

Beatrice said...

Glad to hear that we will have clean baseboards. Something I'll notice....NOT!!!!!!!
Thank you for my Mom's Birthday wishes!!! I will pass them on.

Kathy A. said...

Clean baseboards WOW! We are honored that you would do that for us. Looking forward to seeing everyone today and counting the hours till Saturday