Friday, August 24, 2007

In the great scheme of things...

August 24, 2007

I got to thinking yesterday that in the great scheme of things , a stolen sign, while annoying and agravating, and bothersome is not really the end of the world. No one broke into my house (that would cause outrage) and no one harmed anyone I love ( that would cause murderous thoughts or worse). Actually I read in the paper recently about two different tradesmen who had their vans stolen, both full of the tools of their trades worth thousands of dollars. That is far worse than what happened to me. So I will carry on and still hold out the hope that the sign will be found in a ditch somewhere and restored to its sign post. In the meantime Dan found the old battered sign and it hanging outside.

I must thank all of you for your comments and commiserating with me. I really needed to just let that anger out!

However, onward and upward.

I want to share a lovely thing that happened to me a few weeks ago. My friend and framer Judy (About Framing, Belleville, ON) attended a church rummage sale where she found a quantity of red evenweave for ...are you ready? $1.00
She promptly bought it and called me to tell me of her find and to give it to me!
Kathy and I had been looking fruitlessly for just such fabric to do M-designs Christmas tree on.
There was a lot of fabric so I decided to offer a piece to any of my customers who purchased an M-design Christmas tree (for $7.50 CDN) .
That offer goes for any of my blog readers as well. If you want a piece of red 25ct evenweave to stitch this tree on, it is free with the purchase of a pattern. This is a picture of mine...actually I am hoping to make it into a flat fold and give it to Judy and then stitch another for myself. I have already printed off Vonna's flat fold directions for doing so!

Beatrice has started her Christmas tree, is doing it in a bright green and it can be seen on her blog.

BTW, I have a couple of pieces of 20 count and the rest is 25 count so if you want to get any, specify which count you want.

Thanks for your patience with my little rant yesterday.


Michelle said...

OOh, that red fabric was a real find! Your tree looks gorgeous on it. I've been looking for a bright red like that in a higher count (28 or 32 count). If you come across any or know of who might make some, let me know! Thanks so much for the photo of your quilt - it is just gorgeous. I may have to make one myself!

Tita said...

I sent you an email Ann!

Lynn said...

Love that fabric! I've placed my order!

Beatrice said...

I have the 20ct and it is a pleasure to work on. Thanks for the fabric with the chart.
Hope you find the sign.

tkdchick said...

YOur tree looks great!