Saturday, June 9, 2007


June 9, 2007

I just finished reading a really good book called The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood. It was another lovely story along the lines of The Friday Night Knitting Club which I have mentioned in an earlier blog. I enjoyed both books immensely and actually finished The Knitting Circle all in one day yesterday. Both books extoll the theraputic, soothing, calming aspects of knitting and the value of friends who gather to knit and learn together.
My question is why aren't there similar books out there that extoll the virtues of our hobby? Cross stitch offers all the same wonderful calming effects but the only books I have found about it are the Betsy Devonshire books. I enjoyed them and they are a fun lightweight read but somehow are not enough for me.
Quilting has the Erlene Fowler books and the Elm Creek Quilters. There is even a series about China Bayles who runs an Herb shop.

I wish there were more cross stitch novels...does anyone know of any?


Name: Vicki said...

You have added a lot of finishes since I last visited your blog. Everything looks so great!

Alison said...

Monica Ferris has written some books about a part-time sleuth who owns a needlework shop.... I haven't been able to read any so I'm not sure if they are pure detective/ stitching or whether they extol the relaxation of our hobby as well. Great blog and I'm enjoying reading about the work that you and your friends do.

Kathy said...

Ann I have the series of Monica Ferris novels.I think they are in Dani's hands right now. Will check and pass them on. they are a great fun read.

Wendy said...

Hmm, Ann, may be you should start writing one?

I love your M-design letters! They look great on the 25-count fabric.

Beatrice said...

Betsy Devenshire is the sleuth in the Monica Ferris books and they are fun. I haven't found any others yet either.b

lin said...