Monday, June 4, 2007

New Finishes

June 4, 2007

These are my two latest finishes. Ephillium #2 from The Silver Lining is a gift for a friend but she is neither a stitcher nor a blogger so I am not too worried that she will see this here. In the original pattern there is a wide border but I have opted not to include it. The piece is quite large and was challenging especially the flower part. Also the design is practically all anchor I have the beginnings of a great anchor stash!
The little bib is for our dentist's new daughter. Very sweet isn't it? When I was working I used to make a bib for staff memnbers when they or their wives had a new baby. They all seemed to appreciate it and it made for a personal sort of gift.
Kathy has an interesting finish on her blog. Check it out!


Kathy said...

Nice work Ann and thanks for the mention.

Anonymous said...

Ephilllium looks really beautiful.

Wendy said...

The flower is gorgeous and so life-like! What an amazing gift. Congratulations on getting it finished. And very sweet little bib too!!

Beatrice said...

Love your finishes. Ephillium is very beautiful. The bib is a sweet piece.